Saturday, February 14, 2009


What is matter and what is Spirit?

Inside everything that is physical are atoms, protons, electrons, and sub-atomic particles whirling around like tiny dervishes in an invisible universe. Yet, we continue to relate to things as if they were solid, knowing somewhere inside ourselves that everything is teeming with life, yet not knowing what difference this might make.

Such knowing must move from concept to experience. It must become the indelible sense of the radiant life in all things - the song of being that is sung by every part of Creation. It must be recognized as the Divine Presence within life itself.

We see this life and hear this song sometimes when nature moves us - in a sunrise or sunset, in trees, in budding leaves in the Spring. Some things speak to us of the life of the Earth. Yet, this life of the Earth is connected to the greater life of all-that-is, and all-that-is is but another name for Spirit, God, the One.

"Take off your shoes, Moses, for the ground you walk on is holy," said the Lord from the Burning Bush on top of Mt. Horeb. (Exodus 3:5) Indeed, this might be said of all ground, everywhere, the sand dunes of the desert, the mud flats of the delta, the wheat-filled plains, the rocky mountainous regions - all are holy vessels of sacred life.

When you have a chance, pick up a rock that you find while walking somewhere - not necessarily a special rock, just a rock. This small, insignificant object that you hold in your hand has been fashioned by God in the fires of Creation. Inside its hardness and solidity is that same fire that gave it birth. All of Creation is concentrated inside this tiny insignificant stone, reduced to a small sample of what is Infinite.

Can we look at this very small thing that has no external value and see something of the Creator, or shall we allow our senses to continue to fool us? The answer will depend on what our hearts and minds are ready to know.

In this moment, let us open our inner vision to see Creation continuing within the intricate patterns of energy that give life to physical matter and specifically to the life within this rock. Let us let go of the need to see with outer eyes and see with the inner.

Whatever comes to us is grace. Whatever continues to remain concealed is the journey. May all eyes be opened to see and feel the Heart of life.


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  2. I like this.It stimulates my imagination.But then when I perceive what I imagine,is that then my internal world as given to me by the God Consciousness of which I am part? Because it when I go into the rock,I see energy,the space between the electrons,the memories connected to when the rock was a part of a mountain and then back eventually to being a part of creation. I see the relavance of its composition to me and feel it imerging changed from my attention to being even more conscious itself from contact with me.


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