Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Meeting With Others

In this group of souls that I gather with
are the flames of many candles,
all lit, all burning brightly,
all expressing the sacred fire that lives within.

Each candle's light burns steadily, eternally,
unquenchable, unstoppable.
And yet it may not be seen or known by the outer self,
the self that thinks itself to be but a dim reflection
of the possible.

We are the lights of Creation.
We meet, we join, we gather to bring
our flames into one flame,
and still to remain uniquely ourselves,
blazing with our own inner fire.

When two or more are gathered in My name,
there I Am, sayeth the Lord.
Flame upon flame, consuming lesser truths,
burning through limitation,
creating the glory of God in the unity of souls.


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1 comment:

  1. Dear Julie,
    I just wanted you to know I read the blog for the first time tonight and I
    feel it is absolutely beautiful. I love the images, especially the person
    and the sunset and I also love the feeling of the font. Of course, your
    energy, light, and words are a gift beyond measure...always.

    With Love,


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