Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Honoring Relationships

 Namaste - I bow to the Divine Self within You

To be present in relationships is to honor them - to carry them with us where we go and to not neglect them as we would not neglect a child of our own, or a person who asked for our help, or the needs of our own bodies when they require restoration to health.

Relationships need watering. They are the beautiful expression of love manifesting between souls, often with the purpose of mutual healing and growth. To be faithful to love is to be faithful to relationships - to see that they are not subordinated to other things in life because we do not have the time or energy to take care of them.

If we do not have the energy or time to take care of that which we love, what do we have time for?

Time, in any case, is not the most important thing that relationships need, even though it may appear so. Consciousness is what is needed. Presentness is needed. A person can be apart from us for a very long period of time and we can feel very close to them because the moments of communication are intimate and true. And others can be around us on a daily basis and we can ignore them and not give them the best of ourselves or the caring that is needed.

As we grow in spiritual awareness, we must grow also in accountability to life, to love, and to relationships - for all of life is a relationship with every living thing, all of the time, for every living thing is part of God.

Photo: Claude Renault - Namaste - Tamil Nadu

Sunday, September 20, 2009


There is a house I passed by yesterday while driving down a busy road. Its back faced the highway, not more than fifteen feet from the line of cars. Its front was hidden from view except for a rusted trailer top that peeked from behind and a few rubber tires. It isn't possible to know anything about the residents of this house as one drives by, except what the stark gray shingles and the small, square, regulation windows might convey. But behind the house in its hidden private front yard, was life, and I wondered as I drove by - what life is that?

This house set my heart to thinking about its residents, and, by extension, of souls in general who present a face to the world and retain a private world that no one else sees. I frequently wonder as I pass this house, who lives there? Did they choose to live there because the land was cheap, or perhaps handed down to them from another time? Have they made their peace with the sound of traffic and the exhaust of cars? Do they feel that they are at home in their front yard which no one can see? What is this private world that exists only feet from the road.

These questions apply to the world of every soul, for each carries a universe within themselves, each is a universe. Who gets to see this universe in many instances is no one at all. Whether that is a tragic fact or an indifferent one is a matter of individual awareness. Some might not feel that it matters whether they contained an inner universe or not, their attention being directed elsewhere. But there are oh so many souls who are longing to be seen, longing to be met in their interior world.

What is true for the house by the side of the road is often true for the human condition at present. We do what we have to do to present the face that we wish to a busy world - sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of necessity, sometimes out of the belief that nothing else is possible. And yet what world would we live in if people could view our private yards, those hidden from view the way the front side of this house remained concealed. We can only imagine a world without defenses, of greater truth, of greater visibility, of greater love for the inner being. Fear must be removed before this can be possible, and self-love and respect must take its place.

One day, though, allowing oneself to be visible and known will not be as difficult as it is today. For the general tenor of that time will be sharing and the desire to share, rather than the desire or need to conceal out of fear. Then, we shall see the inner world of others, no longer hidden from themselves or behind a facade, but revealed for all to witness and for all to appreciate and be grateful for.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Intellect and Soul

Many people who have been closed are now opening to a deeper sense of life and of themselves. The rational left brain is pondering its own experience and the limitations of that experience and beginning to reach for something else.

Often, what slows down this process and makes it more laborious is the way in which the intellect has been used to protect the self from feeling or knowing certain deeper levels of awareness. This protection has worked well in many cases, since with a well-honed intellect one can operate very successfully in the world - at least outwardly.

And yet the intellect is not the soul. Beneath the rational mind and the outer success is the awareness that something else is missing. Eventually, over time, a reaching for that something else takes place.

Help toward making the shift toward greater feeling, intuition, inspiration, and softeness in general can be had by making efforts in the direction of acknowledging whatever fear may be present toward doing so.

Sometimes, the intellect has done such a good job disguising this fear that it is invisible to the conscious self. Nevertheless, the turning of the soul toward a deeper level of truth will produce the beginning changes that need to happen to open up a different level of awareness. The principle of "ask and it shall be given" is true here, for those who desire to know the truth of their deeper nature will find it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Planetary Ascension - Comments

The response to the new video has been very deep and extensive, and I am involved with the production of the next videos that will follow. If you have not yet viewed "Planetary Ascension," you can do so at Light Omega's YouTube Channel.

The creative process can become a 'calling' in which the soul flows outward in order to manifest its deepest essence through expression. Each person has such creative potential within themselves, waiting to be discovered. It is a matter of knowing this and trusting this and asking God to open the doors. Blessings and thank you to those who have shared YouTube comments and responses to "Planetary Ascension." .

Monday, September 7, 2009

How to Become More Present in the Present

1. Believe: The most important thing in your life is what is happening right now. 'Right now' includes what is inside you as well as what is outside.

2. Know: God manifests within human experience most readily when the undertow of past memories, thoughts, feelings, and worries are left behind and an empty space is created. The empty space welcomes the Divine.

3. Cultivate simplicity. Being proud to be busy or stressed as a sign of success does not allow for the development of an inner life that flourishes in quiet and in peace.

4. Let go of any belief you carry that you are not responsible if you give time to yourself, time to be alone, time to make contact with the Divine. Your responsibilities to Life include bringing your whole self to it. This is not possible without a deep connection with your own being.

5. Rest. Find a balance between activity and non-activity. Especially now that increased spiritual light is changing your body in ways that you may not be aware of,
rest is needed to reveal the new possiblities that are developing within you.

6. Allow love to be more important than it has been. The transformation of an entire planet is taking place around and because of the vibration of love. Let this be your primary focus.

7. Express gratitude on a daily basis. Gratitude allows you to interact more deeply with life. You can be grateful for each day, and especially for each interaction with others. Each time you show up, a flower opens in God's heart.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Letting Go of Roles

Many people are afraid to let go of roles. Roles create a comfort zone of how to respond to situations, people, and expectations. At the same time, they limit the depth of encounter with life and its possibilities.

Not being in a role is a choice that can be made by each heart. It is a choice one makes in service to life and love, not out of the personal ego. Such a movement places you in unknown territory where your love and desire to connect, embrace, and support others may be met with indifference or fear. It may be misunderstood and turned away from.

Nevertheless, the choice to live beyond roles is a calling of the heart, as deep as any other that God awakens. It only takes one heart to respond to this calling. That heart will seize every opportunity, look for every opening, and experience gratitude for every possibility that steps beyond the limits of the pre-conceived and the stereotyped.

Led by love, this heart will make a deliberate choice to remain open when others are closed, and to remain fearless when others are fearful. It will do this not out of a desire to break down defenses, but out of a desire to uphold, to liberate, and to bring the joy of self-expression and true being to others.

At a certain point in time, the choice to step beyond roles is not even a choice but an inevitability. For the flow of life that is God engages the heart, body, and soul to such a degree that something less than complete presence and complete availability to love's purposes is no longer possible. Then, only love remains, and the myriad ways in which it can come into being.

You may find of interest the video inspired by this post.
Becomimng a Beloved - Letting Go of Roles