Monday, September 7, 2009

How to Become More Present in the Present

1. Believe: The most important thing in your life is what is happening right now. 'Right now' includes what is inside you as well as what is outside.

2. Know: God manifests within human experience most readily when the undertow of past memories, thoughts, feelings, and worries are left behind and an empty space is created. The empty space welcomes the Divine.

3. Cultivate simplicity. Being proud to be busy or stressed as a sign of success does not allow for the development of an inner life that flourishes in quiet and in peace.

4. Let go of any belief you carry that you are not responsible if you give time to yourself, time to be alone, time to make contact with the Divine. Your responsibilities to Life include bringing your whole self to it. This is not possible without a deep connection with your own being.

5. Rest. Find a balance between activity and non-activity. Especially now that increased spiritual light is changing your body in ways that you may not be aware of,
rest is needed to reveal the new possiblities that are developing within you.

6. Allow love to be more important than it has been. The transformation of an entire planet is taking place around and because of the vibration of love. Let this be your primary focus.

7. Express gratitude on a daily basis. Gratitude allows you to interact more deeply with life. You can be grateful for each day, and especially for each interaction with others. Each time you show up, a flower opens in God's heart.


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