Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Honoring Relationships

 Namaste - I bow to the Divine Self within You

To be present in relationships is to honor them - to carry them with us where we go and to not neglect them as we would not neglect a child of our own, or a person who asked for our help, or the needs of our own bodies when they require restoration to health.

Relationships need watering. They are the beautiful expression of love manifesting between souls, often with the purpose of mutual healing and growth. To be faithful to love is to be faithful to relationships - to see that they are not subordinated to other things in life because we do not have the time or energy to take care of them.

If we do not have the energy or time to take care of that which we love, what do we have time for?

Time, in any case, is not the most important thing that relationships need, even though it may appear so. Consciousness is what is needed. Presentness is needed. A person can be apart from us for a very long period of time and we can feel very close to them because the moments of communication are intimate and true. And others can be around us on a daily basis and we can ignore them and not give them the best of ourselves or the caring that is needed.

As we grow in spiritual awareness, we must grow also in accountability to life, to love, and to relationships - for all of life is a relationship with every living thing, all of the time, for every living thing is part of God.

Photo: Claude Renault - Namaste - Tamil Nadu


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