Saturday, July 25, 2009

Letting Go

You may be afraid to let go of something because you fear nothing will come to take its place.

You may be afraid because you've been holding on for so long that you've forgotten how to let go.

You may be afraid to let go because the one who has been holding on is who you have been, and who will you be if you're not that?

All questions about letting go have to do with fear.

All answers have to do with love and trust.

The Unknown is not empty. It is a vibrant, alive, full Unknown, filled with love that comes from God and is God.

Instead of picturing an empty space where something was, picture a space that is alive and pulsating. Now, it is covered with a veil. When you enter it, the veil will be lifted.

Then, a new empty space will be created as you continue to move into the future.

This is the path of new creation. It is how one becomes free. It is how humanity will learn to flow with the Divine movement of life.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Frog Named 'Peace'

The frog that came to live with us late in June has remained in and around the small pond right beside the front entrance of Light Omega. His name is 'Peace' and he sometimes sits all day on the bank of the little pond, staring at the water cascading down the vertical rocks. The pump is now active on most days and he can sit like this for hours without moving, watching, listening, being.

Today I asked him if he had anything to say to me and he responded by saying that he felt well taken care of. In addition to the loving attention he receives from those who enjoy his presence here, the addition of lily pads to the pond I think has made him quite happy. Peace-frog has become the inspiration of a song, of postings, and of those gentle movements of the heart that are part of the innocence that each soul carries. His being here as a representative of the animal kingdom is most precious, as he carries the light within his being to all with whom he is connected: to his species, to other animals, and to the Earth itself.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Painting the Canvas of Life

Peacock Feather Close-up

Art, Spirituality, and Life - 2

* * *

Each person has something they know, something they love, and something they can make or say. Here is the essence of art: not content but process; not talent but vision; not form but emergence.

In this way does one reach the source of art and life together. Not as a 'doing' but as an aspect of 'being'. Out of this 'being' arise both art and life as the graceful flowering of the soul.

* * *

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Center

Love calls us to be present
out of the depths of ourselves.
No matter where we have been,
it beckons us from the world of worry,
doubt, and brooding
into the world of the Beloved.

It asks us to be faithful to it
through all trials and tribulations,
to give the best of ourselves to love
for love's sake,
for life's sake,
and because it is more real
than all that is not love.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dance of the Saris

Photo: Claude Renault: Saris. Prayag. Uttar Pradesh.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reaching for the New

Imagine reaching toward something in front of you with one arm, stretching, stretching, stretching as far as you can go... while the other arm is holding on to something with equal force behind you. Clearly, there would be a serious limit to how far the reaching could extend, even if you were reaching toward something that was very desireable.

Opening to something new is like that. It involves reaching with one arm and letting go with the other. Holding on to what is behind you prevents the new from emerging. Therefore, no matter how much one desires a goal that the mind or heart may choose, the desire must be accompanied by a letting go in order that the new may appear.

Both mind and heart can be made ready to let go to the extent that each becomes rooted in a relationship with God. Then, one does not let go into emptiness or fear, even while the goal has not yet been reached. One lets go into love and trust. One lets go into God.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Making Miracles Possible

There are two avenues of movement that open the door to the miraculous, and both lead to the same end.

There is the path of reaching toward God in any of the many ways that the human heart and soul is capable of reaching. This allows Divine miracles to enter life, even where no conscious relationship with the Divine has existed before.

There is also the path of reaching toward the deepest truth of self. Scrupulous honesty and an unwillingness to blame others can also open the door to the miraculous.

When one reaches toward the deepest truth of self as if extending toward the bottom of a well, one finds at the bottom, always, the space in which love dwells. Yet, before finding that, one may also encounter the feeling of an emptiness in which contact with love's presence seems to be lost. Here the question arises: How do you feel love? How do you express it? How do you diminish it? How do you withold it? In the presence of reaching, once blame toward others has been released and one is solely responsible for the presence or absence of love, in that sacred space the door to the miraculous opens. For the reaching toward love and the reaching toward God are the same reaching. One is to the Source of life without - to the Creator of all. The other is to the Source of life within - the Divine source of love at the center of our being.

Reach in either direction and you will open the door to the miraculous.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Is Intimacy? - 2

We have lived with different portions of ourselves in compartments, some known to this person, some known to that. Often, there is fear of another knowing each of our compartments, the unhealed as well as the healed. Sometimes there is a forgetting that it is possible to know another without compartments, for this is a matter of a deeper kind of knowing and a matter of trust.

Intimacy lies in this trust and in the transparency of truth - the willingness to see and be seen. Without transparency, one cannot feel 'met'. And yet transparency requires a letting go of defenses, a letting go of protection. This is often hard for people and is why intimacy is in many instances only partly realized.

What is intimacy?

It is the ability to see, to know, and to love. It is also the ability to be seen, to be known, and to be loved, not just at the level of the outer self but at the level of one's deeper being.

True intimacy combines all compartments. It allows the light of love to move through all so that all can be seen, all can be known, and all can be permeated by love. How rare is this gift in today's world - rare because we conceal in order to protect, to feel loved, or to be approved of, not only by others but by ourselves as well. To be transparent, one must be willilng to see oneself.

As light increases and affects humanity's consciousness, intimacy will become more possible for protection will no longer be needed. The revealing power of light will awaken unused and new ways of knowing and of sensing. The unifying power of light will create a new capacity for openness. One day there will be nothing to hide and no where to hide it. All will be viewed in the light of unity and love.

What is the light of unity?

It is the knowledge that I am part of you and you of me. Therefore, there is nothing that you are that can cause me to reject you, for how can I reject part of myself? There may be things that are in need of changing or healing, but these are things that can be held in the light of love.

When the light of unity is part of human experience, intimacy will grow as the natural form of self-expression. Then, many will experience being 'met' with many others, for these will be spiritual meetings of a deep kind. The truest meeting, however, brought about by advancing light, will not just be with others, but with oneself and with God. This will become the new foundation for intimacy, and it will affect all relationships and all ways of being.

May the light of unity bless all beings everywhere. Amen.

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