Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Is Intimacy? - 2

We have lived with different portions of ourselves in compartments, some known to this person, some known to that. Often, there is fear of another knowing each of our compartments, the unhealed as well as the healed. Sometimes there is a forgetting that it is possible to know another without compartments, for this is a matter of a deeper kind of knowing and a matter of trust.

Intimacy lies in this trust and in the transparency of truth - the willingness to see and be seen. Without transparency, one cannot feel 'met'. And yet transparency requires a letting go of defenses, a letting go of protection. This is often hard for people and is why intimacy is in many instances only partly realized.

What is intimacy?

It is the ability to see, to know, and to love. It is also the ability to be seen, to be known, and to be loved, not just at the level of the outer self but at the level of one's deeper being.

True intimacy combines all compartments. It allows the light of love to move through all so that all can be seen, all can be known, and all can be permeated by love. How rare is this gift in today's world - rare because we conceal in order to protect, to feel loved, or to be approved of, not only by others but by ourselves as well. To be transparent, one must be willilng to see oneself.

As light increases and affects humanity's consciousness, intimacy will become more possible for protection will no longer be needed. The revealing power of light will awaken unused and new ways of knowing and of sensing. The unifying power of light will create a new capacity for openness. One day there will be nothing to hide and no where to hide it. All will be viewed in the light of unity and love.

What is the light of unity?

It is the knowledge that I am part of you and you of me. Therefore, there is nothing that you are that can cause me to reject you, for how can I reject part of myself? There may be things that are in need of changing or healing, but these are things that can be held in the light of love.

When the light of unity is part of human experience, intimacy will grow as the natural form of self-expression. Then, many will experience being 'met' with many others, for these will be spiritual meetings of a deep kind. The truest meeting, however, brought about by advancing light, will not just be with others, but with oneself and with God. This will become the new foundation for intimacy, and it will affect all relationships and all ways of being.

May the light of unity bless all beings everywhere. Amen.

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