Saturday, February 28, 2009

Becoming Weightless

How touching are the physical things we hold onto for a moment as mementos of our time on Earth - souvenirs of the journey, reassuring us that we have a past and are somebody, have been someplace, have done something.

Letting go of these things that we gather, and collect, and hoard, is hard to do, yet it enables us to move on, to be created anew in each moment.

These things that we hold onto can be buoyant and uplifting, tender and innocent, but more often they are weights that we carry in order to preserve our sense of who we are. Because of their weightedness, they often slow us down.

To be free to un-weight one must have the courage to live freely, to live trustingly, to live with the understanding that life is forever disclosing its secrets to us, and that we listen best when we are open and empty. Then we can hear the voice of God speaking through time and space into the very corners of our heart and soul.

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