Thursday, February 26, 2009

How We See

The human brain is made exquisitely and with exquisite care to respond to life through the activation of the neural receptors so that we see, hear, and know a particular version of reality - the version that corresponds to the spectrum of light that defines the physical.

Within the physical range, spiritual light operates at its lowest frequencies. Attunement of the cerebral cortex and cortical connections to this end of the frequency spectrum allows us to perceive objects as separate from each other. Compare this to the possibility, for example, that another construction of a different kind of brain, or the evolutionary transformation and acceleration of our own physical brains might register incoming impulses of light within a higher frequency range and a broader spectrum. Instead of seeing solid objects, then, we would see or sense all as a movement of varying impulses of light, both in frequency and duration. We would not perceive the universe as solid, though it would coalesce into denser and less dense patterns, but rather would see all as a flow of moving light impulses.

Such a perception would convey to us without any need for explanation, the understanding that all is energy, and that all is woven together in an intricate pattern of harmonic resonance. It would also convey to us without a need for explanation, an understanding of intentionality behind the harmonic pattern. For this would not appear random, but rather coalesce in attributes of beauty, purpose, and love.

Such a vision of the possible in relation to human perception is not far from being realizable. If we think not in terms of 'seeing' with our physical eyes, but of seeing with our non-physical senses, then the range of perception of light-impulses that is becoming available to us through the increased closeness of the planes of spirit and matter can alter forever our picture of reality as a solid universe with discrete physical objects. In the new landscape, the physical, as physical, would remain a perception at a certain layer of experience, but it would only correspond to a certain layer, rather than to the truth of what is.

The beauty of the universe constructed according to the 'lux fiat' (“Let there be light”) utterance of Genesis or the Divine action described by other sacred texts is this: that the Universe is not random, but created according to Divine intention and invested with power, beauty, and holiness. As we come to feel this through the awakening of our non-physical senses, we will experience a different reality and a new relationship to all of life.

Such a movement is already happening as a consequence of the ‘quickening’ of physical matter by light. When it reaches a point of maximum resonance, the planes of matter and spirit will be experienced as inextricably connected with each other, and the world will know itself to be a sacred manifestation, rather than something that exists apart from the Divine totality of all that is.

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