Friday, February 6, 2009


All relationships are significant, from the most intimate to the chance encounter we have with someone in the supermarket. We travel through a network of interconnected energies that draws us toward others for various purposes, some known, some unknown. The question is how we respond to these meetings - how much of ourselves do we bring to them?

Our chance encounters, in particular, may be with souls we have known in other lifetimes. They may involve an exchange of few words, but in the presence of a brief interchange, energetic connections may be made and healing may take place from our energy field into that of another, or visa versa, without our knowing anything about it.

Intimate relationships require the most from us in terms of remaining present, for where ego-needs are still strong, presentness is diminished. Where ego-needs are strong, we no longer see the other as they are but as we wish them to be or as we fear them to be.

Presentness is inversely correlated with our need to have reality or others be a certain way. To be present, an open space within us is needed. A space free of coercion or worry. A space of just being, infused by love.

In the world of relationships, it is important to not underestimate our significance as we walk around in time and space. The secret inner connections between ourselves and others are manifesting help and healing as we travel, and bringing to us the help from others that may also be needed.

Blessed are those who understand the interconnectedness of all beings, not just in principle but in the living vital way of energy and consciousness.

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