Monday, February 16, 2009

Living Timelessly

The knowledge that no meeting in life is accidental can be life-changing - that the very air we breathe is filled with connections to the beyond.

The practical activities of life - taking care of the house, repairing the plumbing, replacing light bulbs, listening to the radio, each of these is part of the dance of spirit and matter, the play of light through the cosmos.

We are so involved with the work of living that we often forget the exquisite drama of living, the grace of living, the gift of it.

Each action that I take by moving my arm ripples out into the universe.

Each step that I walk has an effect on those who came before along this path and on those who come after.

It is possible to live timelessly in time by being aware of these interconnections.

Then the world opens into a great pattern of beauty and unity. It opens into the knowledge that everything I do matters all of the time.

This power given to consciousness is beyond measure. It is both a power and a calling to awaken, to choose wisely. In doing this, we allow ourselves to know that in the dance of spirit and matter we are responsive to all and responsible for all.

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