Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Flow of Time

When the ego is out of the way and the heart is surrendered, then the flow of time is like a river emanating from the higher planes of existence. From the source which is the Divine Presence within, down to the embodied self consciousness, the flow of time brings with it the events and circumstances that are meant to be.

All of time is a flow shaped by consciousness. But which consciousness has the greatest input into this shaping depends upon the level of alignment of the personality-self with the higher Self, and the purpose that one feels one's life is serving. As long as the attractions of the world create ego-gratification that one wishes to hold onto above all else, then the river will flow at the level of potency that is conditioned by the needs and desires of the lower self. But when that embodied self desires to do God's will more than its own, then the river of Time more and more begins to manifest what serves the highest purposes of God and the soul.

This flow of life from higher to lower is a universal principle. It relates to the multidimensional self and how each human being is constructed. All life experience depends upon our attunement to what we resonate with - whether to those things that are outside us that we gravitate toward and yearn for, or to those things that are inside us that are independent of outer circumstance and that define our more essential self.

Time is a medium that we shape with our consciousness. Blessed is the one who knows how to move through time in the arms of timelessness.


  1. I am deeply inspired by this beautiful description of time and consciousness. I am in a major transition in my life at present, as I end one chapter and begin another. In this time of letting go of the past and preparing for the new, my prayer is to create space in my consciousness that can be filled by God's holy purpose as I step into the future. God bless you, Julie, for writing "The Flow of Time." This posting, and the entire website, radiates light, love, and truth with every beautiful image and in each sacred word. With love and gratitude, Adair

  2. Even though we measure time in consistent increments, it never seems to be consistent in how it passes. Perhaps it should go slower when we're having fun!


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