Friday, March 6, 2009

Whispers of the Divine

Guidance comes in many forms and many ways.

Sometimes in words that appear out of nowhere.

Sometimes in the inspiration of the heart that leaps in response to the joy it feels, or to the love that bubbles up from the invisible well within.

Some guidance is given through a sense of rightness that creates a feeling of flow in a certain direction and an aversion to alternative directions.

Some, makes itself known during the peaceful stillness of going within, where a new thought is found, a new hope, a new path to follow.

There are other kinds of contacts with the Divine associated with beloved beings of the higher realms who guide humanity. These beings assist both those on a conscious spiritual path and those who are not. Each person who begins to awaken has such guides and helpers associated with their journey, and whether recognized or not, increments of spiritual light, love, strength, and truth are added by these helpers to what the embodied soul already contains so that more becomes possible. Especially when one asks for help and guidance is this true.

Beyond specific streams of help offered and help received is the light available to mankind that may be termed the Breath of the Divine. This Breath is a flow of light that moves through all creatures, maintaining life, sustaining hope, creating the wish to live in a state of oneness and love - the natural state of the soul.

Sacred and holy Breath moves within the very air we breathe. It pulsates through the body with every heartbeat. Penetrating the crown chakra and moving throughout the human body, this light stream is the link between the human individual and their higher Self and between the body and the spirit. It does not replace the connection with God. It is the vehicle for that connection.

When times are hard, it is easy to think that the benevolence of God and of the higher realms has vanished, and that what remains is only the possibility of taking care of things oneself. However it may appear, this is never true. Even in the midst of great difficulty, strengthening from within can come, the heart can be given new hope, and endurance can be supported, even when outer circumstances cannot be changed.

Whispers of the Divine are meant for human ears. Animals and plants feel these whispers as part of their natural biorhythms. Human beings are meant to experience such contact in a more conscious way. Blessed are those who learn to know the inhalation of Divine Breath and light and the exhalation of Divine purpose through the joining of the human Will with the Divine. When such is the case, whispers of the Divine become part of the movement of life itself, pointing the way, illuminating the path of truth, creating the possibility for living life as part of the sacred Oneness.


  1. Julie,
    This is so wonderfully and beautifully true!
    Oh, that every heart in the universe would feel
    and hear these whispers! Oh, that every every heart that reads your messages to humankind would lift up every other heart, we would all begin to feel that divine breath lifting us into love.
    Blessings and Love,

  2. I recommit to the sacred journey of seeking and listening to these whispers. It is sometimes hard to fully allow myself to want to live in light and love always and it has taken me a long time to even come to this place, yet i long for this to be my experience always and to share what I can feel with others
    With All Love,


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