Monday, March 30, 2009

The New Consciousness

What I do to another I do to myself.
What I give to another I receive for myself.

In this way does the world awaken
to the single Essence that has always been.

Photo by: Claude Renault


  1. What a touching photo!
    I'm sometimes torn by two different views on the way the world works. One says that we are all born equal and make our path through the world with destiny pathing the way (the "things are done to us" perspective). The other says that we are guided by our subconscious and thus pathe the way of life ourselves (the "it sems from the self" perspective). What do you think?

  2. Thank you for this important comment and question.

    All is consciousness. There is nothing else that shapes events in life. The question is where does this consciousness reside? The subconscious is only one layer of consciousness that shapes reality. The higher self or soul-self is another layer that brings things into being for purposes of learning and healing.

    There is no external event that is created on its own without this prior level of causality. While it is true that collective consciousness and the consciousness of others brings things into being as well that affect oneself, this is the great mystery of life - that all levels and sources are interacting, and the input from one's own multidimensional self is the greatest input in the end.


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