Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time as a Gateway

To be human is to live within the experience of time passing. To be fully human is to become a bridge between time and the timeless.

From the standpoint of what we are used to, time flows more slowly or quickly depending on our relationship to what is taking place. Happy or sad, anxious or peaceful - these typically determine how we experience time's passage and with what degree of pleasure or regret.

By contrast, to live timelessly is to feel part of the flow of God's life in each moment, recognizing the everpresent eternal that marks the passage of days. With this in mind, all moments become significant as a witness to Divine Intention; all become part of the sacred flow that emanates from the Divine.

Timelessness within time gives meaning to all things. No thing is wasted or too small, for all are part of the Oneness.

Such is the gift of a life in which personal Will has joined with the Universal so that there is only One who is will-ing. It is that One that we become as the personal self lets go of needing and having, in keeping with the understanding: "God is more me than I am myself."

To become fully human - this is the goal of time itself - to receive, to know, to feel the Divine heritage.

The passage of time, then, can be, for humanity, a gateway - the arena of holy surrender in which the embodied self becomes purified and the soul or higher Self steps forth in grace and beauty.

May it be so. Amen.

Photo - Andromeda Galaxy - From Star Poems - Light Omega


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  2. I liked very much or blog.
    And I think the same about God, Divine...
    Our time is now...And our space..here..
    We are all one!
    And we have all the possibilities in creat our own life.

    Hugs from Brazil.



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