Saturday, March 21, 2009


Inside each of us is a perpetual flow, a changing landscape of sensation, feeling, and awareness that represents itself as our inner truth. This flow has been with us since birth and priot to that as well. It is an inner matrix, a perceptual grid through which we view the world. Our perceptions of outer events and inner as well are governed by this flow which constitutes the substructure of what we call 'personality'.

It is a great learning to discover the deeper level of being that is not part of this flow - that can make itself known when we go beyond it or when we penetrate it to its core. Then, we find our transcendent self, our self that just is, beyond thought and feeling.

It is hard, however, especially when feelings run high and the tasks of daily life are challenging, to believe that there are alternatives to the specific feeling state that we find ourselves in. This feeling state, connected as it is with both the history of previous occurrences and the presence of physical sensations that define the emotion for us, seems very credible. Credible and inevitable. In the face of repeating emotional states it is often very difficult to believe that something else is possible.

Meditative practice for thousands of years has endeavored to assist with the recognition that the inner flow of thought and feeling is not the deepest layer of being. Today, we have another way of accessing this truth, namely, through the power of light and through aligning with the light within ourselves. We can invoke this light, we can anchor in it, we can return to it when we find that we have left it. In each case, a new kind of spiritual gravitation is now possible, allowing us to move back toward the center of ourselves which remains present and constant, even while the flow of emotion may carry us here and there.

Anchoring in light creates a new kind of 'flow' - a flow of connection with the Divine source of our being. It is uplifting, positive, tranquil, reassuring, comforting, and real. During the moments in which we are truly within this Divine flow, we know ourselves to be safe and we know ourselves to be alright.

Which 'flow' we align with is a choice that each must make - whether to remain attached to the emotional swings that appear to be generated by valid and definitive external circumstance, or to be anchored in what is permanent and beyond the influence of the external. The Divine flow of light moves through the core of our being at all times or we would not be able to live. Today, we are able to access this truth more easily because of the greater proximity of spirit and matter. All that is needed is to search for it within.

We open the doors to spiritual anchoring through our practice of alignment and through our trust that letting go of the familiar way of feeling will allow something new and better to come into the picture. This is the magnificent opportunity that is being given as a result of the influx of God's light.

May all awaken to the truth of their inner being beyond circumstance. May all find peace and the source of peace within. Amen.

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