Thursday, March 26, 2009

Opening the Doors of Perception

Each soul is created with a Divine fragment of the One within themselves. Each is therefore capable of feeling the Source of life within. This Source, the One Creator of all, is both transcendent and immanent, without and within, universal and personal. There is no duality that this Source does not encompass.

Yet, the lens through which we view the reality of the Divine has become darkened over time. It has become darkened due to doubt and disbelief, the result of the movement away from the sacred toward the secular. This movement has shifted what was in the beginning an engagement with the Divine, toward an engagement with the attractions of physical life. Such a shift created an energetic barrier for most, preventing the direct experience of sacred reality and the direct knowing of the power of God's light and love.

Today, the lens of perception is becoming clarified so that it is possible to see more. It is possible to know more. Clarification comes from the increased light that is infusing the Earth’s atmosphere. This increased light makes all that is spiritual more visible. It also comes through the change in consciousness that is opening the hearts of all to their deeper longings. The longing for spiritual, mental, and emotional truth is growing stronger each day as light illumines the consciousness of mankind.

To live in the presence of Divine and holy light within and without is the sacred destiny of being human, no longer separated from God or from the truth of oneself. No longer struggling alone. Today, a bridge is being created to other dimensions of self and of the Divine through spiritual openings that are bringing new awarenesses to many. For some, these openings come as an unexpected act of grace. For others, it is a matter of focusing on one's intention to go deeper and of searching for the place of truth within that is no longer covered but awaiting disclosure. If you have not yet had an experience of light, it is yours to have now.

If you have not had an experience of the spiritual realms, they are waiting just beyond the doors of ordinary perception. Let your mind and heart believe that you are capable of knowing more, of seeing more, of feeling more, and the doors of perception will open to allow a new view and a new hope.

Often, it is the ongoing belief in separation and in the impossibility of breaking through the barrier that has been that influences thinking in the present. Therefore, let go of the thoughts of the past and choose to believe that the spiritual realms are open to you. For indeed they are, and even negative beliefs will soon no longer prevail against the direct experience of Divine reality.

The vehicles of prayer and meditation separate the ordinary daily thought process from those thoughts that seek the sacred, and so these practices should be cultivated as part of an ordinary regimen of maintaining spiritual health.

If we are immersed in the practical all day, then the concerns of the practical will seem like all there is. To counter this, sacred thoughts must be given time to establish roots and to strengthen their reality – time to reveal their relevance to the practical and ordinary. Ultimately, such a duality will no longer appear real, for in the end, the sacred and the practical will be seen as two sides of the same thing - the manifestation of God's being within the realm of form. This unique realization is to be given to all of humanity and awaits those who can now step through the doors of ordinary thinking to see and grasp what is beyond.

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