Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Inner Measures of Time

Some pairs of words describing actions and feelings connected with time that reflect individual predispositions as well as states of balance or imbalance:

waiting - acting impulsively
slowing down - speeding up
being still - keeping busy
patience - impatience
feeling at ease - feeling hindered or blocked
letting be - taking control
hope - despair
being present - being preoccupied
fullness - emptiness
engagement - withdrawal
aliveness - deadness

Of all of these, trust in the Divine in and through the passage of time is key. It allows us to wait, to hope, and to be at peace.

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  1. My Beloved Teacher,

    I can feel my "self" in time, in my mind and body, going through what seems to be a tug of war between these 2 polarities. It is if these dualities within me are being pulled apart - as Jesus spoke in the "wheat being separated from the chaff."

    I feel grateful for your teachings which provides the 'food' for my thoughts, my soul.

    I give thanks also for the blessings recently found in my meditations. I have been able to access a neutral 'field' in my mind, in which I can stabilze my 'self' and find peace during this transition -- from a life willed by my ego-mind, to a life willed by God, in time, through my heart.

    with gratitude.


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