Sunday, April 26, 2009

The World of Possibility

The 'world of possibility' exists within each moment. It comes into being through our relationship with the Divine which is the strongest creative power in the universe. This creative power flows through all moments, yet is invisible to us when we are closed to it - when we view ourselves as formed and shaped by the roles we play and the past we have lived through.

On a collective level, this past has separated the physical from the spiritual and held visible evidence to be the underlying structure of reality rather than invisible grace. Based on separation from the Divine, our collective past has created a world that predicts from the past to the future based on what has been seen and known. This view conditions our expectations and restricts our hope. It also restricts our hope for the possibilities inherent in each moment.

Today, this worldview is being challenged by the new awareness arising in many. This awareness is expanding perceptions beyond the visible and revealing new realities that have never been open to us before. Beyond logic or reason, Divine life and light are bringing into being the confluence of spirit and matter. They are closing the gap between the spiritual and the physical and making what was impossible before, possible.

Our outlook, then, if we choose to flow with the Divine in each moment, must be that something new can take place if we allow it. We can be new, because the fixed identity of the past is now loosening its hold on us. Divine light is causing the heart to awaken, and with it a deeper truth about who we are.

We cannot be new if we are afraid of change or if we believe we are the past. These beliefs must be let go of for they close down the moment and limit the possible. However, we are being invited to claim our Divine heritage, to join with the sacred core of who we are in a unity that has always existed, however unrecognized.

This movement into unity is the reason things can be new. For we are joining with that part of ourselves that has never left the grace of God, the love of God, the oneness of God. We are joining with the higher aspects of our selves and entering the realm of multidimensionality. This is the world of our higher self or soul, now able to express itself more clearly within our consciousness and within our life upon the Earth.

More than anything else, fear of the Unknown restricts the opening of the 'world of possibility'. Fear that the Unknown is not trustworthy. Fear that the Unknown will not guide us. Fear that we will not be led, or shown, or illumined in ways that will teach us how to live. This fear is based on what has been, and also on the transition we are in - one in which a new reality is emerging yet has not fully emerged. And so we are unsure of its stability and its ability to be the firm foundation for a life.

Fear diminishes and confidence increases through embracing the Unknown – through allowing it to teach us, and guide us, and shape our actions and decisions. When we believe in our capacity to live a Divinely guided life, we have already begun to build the foundation for that life. We have opened the doors so that the currents of creative inspiration can enter.

Today, we live in a time of change and of awakening upon the Earth, of letting go of the past in favor of an unknown future. In this movement, the light within all things is leading us toward a life that is fluid rather than solid, undetermined rather than known, changing rather than static. To be in this new life, we must learn to swim with the currents of change.

Today, we are being called, each and every one of us, to embrace this shift and to become fluid. For it is the time of possibilities and the Earth itself is now moving from a state of pain and limitation into a new state of beauty and grace.


  1. My dearest Julie...the world of possibility....reading this message confirms what came to me yesterday...validates what is coming into my "reality" and adds to my word for yesterday....Jubilant...expressing every love for you is HUGE...thank you!

  2. Thank you, dear one, for this precious response. May all moments open before you. JR

  3. I've always previously lived a life of fear of the unknown, I've come to a point that I have a power to change the future with out really trying,thinking about it.going with the flow so to speak. I find that when I swim up-stream, so to speak that is when I experience the most travail. When I let my spiritual thought/actions flow I'm very successful. I look around me at the people I work with I see they struggle so much so concerned with life's changes their struggle begins....I guess I live life as a hobby without thinking/worrying things come to me things happen smoothly and without struggle. quantum physic really didn't come to me until recently I started with "ZEN" and grew from there, at middle age I've learned not to worry so much about what others think of me It's the small voice within that guides me. To be sure I make many mistakes but they just don't seem to matter so much, Just swim down stream and life's so much easier....Pax


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