Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Fullness of the Moment

Each moment contains a world within itself. This world is multi-faceted like the prisms of a jewel whose sections hold different reflections of ambient light, or like layers of light that intersect with each other. At the same time it is unified through the Divine current of life that runs through it.

On the one hand, there is awareness of what is going on around us - the sound and light show set upon the world stage. On the other, there is the internal stream of thought and feeling that contains its own richness and vitality - the life of the mind, heart, and body.

What is outside and what is inside are both part of the present moment, one not more than the other. As a result, we can be aware of responses to what is as part of an interactive pattern, without blaming what is outside for causing what is inside, and without eliminating any portion of the wholeness.

Part of each moment also has to do with our spiritual will. Spiritual 'will' is will united with Divine intent. It includes both our willingness to accept what is and our desire to transform what is into the highest state of inclusion of God's light and love that it can contain.

Acceptance of what is and transformation of what is into its higher counterparts are not mutually exclusive. The first creates peace and a deep communion with the sacred essence of life. The second creates healing and the desire to bring greater light, hope, and truth to a suffering world.

The first acknowledges our essence as part of the Oneness and offers an experience of that Oneness. The second allows our higher self to express as an agent for bringing all of life into a greater state of love and unity.

The human experience is multi-dimensional and is meant to be so. It is about revealing to the conscious self all that consciousness is capable of. At one end of the spectrum, this may be about concealed feelings and motives that the awake self would rather not know about. At the other end of the spectrum is the capacity of human awareness to experience itself as part of God.

Each human being has within itself the knowledge of what, in this moment, requires the greatest degree of attention. This knowledge allows us to see what is with the full measure of our inner wisdom guiding what we see.


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