Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Open Moment

Each moment in God's reality is completely open. Unconditioned, unshaped, formless.

We close the moment by bringing to it preconceptions - expectations of others based on their past behavior, projections onto them of how we think they feel, beliefs about ourselves and what we are capable of. Such expectations and projections close the moment. They attach to it the shape of the past and prevent it from being new.

To live in an open moment one must travel lightly through life, without excess baggage that contains old wants and fears. With no baggage, we become part of the Infinite, part of the flow that is everpresent in which all things are possible and all things are new.


  1. Thank you for this Julie It's exactly the place I am in and have been in for a while now. The question I have to ask however is "How does one keep one self grounded when there is nothing to hold on to any more?" There is such a lot happening in my life on one level and yet nothing is really happening at all?" I feel I am in a very creative space, but it is all ungrounded and there is so much "space" inside of me and I just cannot relax. Holding on to the base of my bed helps at night. Thank you Julie as ever. You are such an incredible light in this world. Love. Kat xxx although thr isso much openess within

  2. Dearest Katerina,

    In response to your question, there is a difference between becoming 'empty' and becoming ungrounded. One is a space in which everyday consciousness can join with the higher Self and with all-that-is. The other is a feeling of lack of safety because one is becoming less attached to one's body. The two are not the same.

    The point of awakening is to experience the Divine which includes the physical. It does not, (until the soul chooses), mean leaving the physical body. If you are holding onto something solid at night for greater comfort it is because the higher frequencies of light are causing you to feel you are leaving or might leave your body. This is a not uncommon feeling when there is a level shift and the body is taking in alot more light. It is an aspect of the physical body trying to adapt to the new higher energies that it is absorbing.

    There are a few things that you can do about this:

    1) Ask those who guide you to assist in reducing the intensity of the energy you are taking in so that you can remain more in a comfort zone

    2) Change your diet so that you eat more grounding foods - foods that you intuitively feel help create more connection with your body

    3) Use 'The Practice of Alignment' regularly with specific focus on bringing energy down into your feet and your lower chakras.

    Again, dear one, your body is becoming a new body and this is what is causing the temporary discomfort as your organism readjusts, not the transition of your awareness which is expanding.

    Blessings, Katerina, and love.

  3. Thank you so much Julie for being there for me. I shall ask those who are guiding me to reduce the intensity of higher energies that I am taking in. As far as the eating of more "grounded foods" is concerned, I hardly feel hungry at all amd I think a lot of that is to do with the limiting circumstances in which I am living. It makes it very difficult for me to eat anything, let alone good stuff, but I will do what I can.

    For about 2 or more months now,I have been totally unable to go within and put my focus there. Whatever is happening in my body, is making it so uncomfortable for me to go inside. It almost makes me feel quite "sick", so I have to try and distract myself as much as I can. Even when I go out walking. I feel unable to be in my body. The only thing that helps is if I stay put in my room and I lie in the "foetus" position at night. That gives me some semblance of calm, balance and connection. I've never ever experienced anything like this before and I don't know anyone else who is experiencing such discomfort. They all seem to be talking about this "ascension" as if it's some really easy transition. For me It's definitely not pleasurable! I'm just accepting it all and doing what I can. I trust it will pass. I also feel a lot of it is to do with the energies around me and the filthy conditions in which I live (and they really are filthy!). On the bright side, I am very clear as what it is I am going to be doing here. I expect you could call it my "calling". I sort of already knew what it was intuitively and I knew that to do it with integrity and honour, I would have to go through whatever I needed to go through. I am on the other side of that now and I have been opening up for a long time to being somewhere which will support me in carrying out my work effectively. I keep on trusting that it will happen at the right time. I am strong, I know that, but I am also very tender right now and very open. God bless you Julie. You are so incredibly sane. That is rare in this world. God bless you always.

    Ps sometimes I ask myself whether I should just move to any old alternative accommodation, just to be out of here, but I have been asking for somewhere light-filled, quiet and where I can commune with nature. I don't know.... Love. Katerina xxx


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