Friday, November 6, 2009

New Ways of Relating - Part 2

The karmic 'pull' of energy fields that resonate with each other is what causes the 'triggering' mechanism that is so familiar to people, where something that someone else does creates a reflexive response of discomfort, anger, or withdrawal within oneself. This interweaving of energy fields happens because both persons involved are in need of healing of the same issues, although the manifestation of the issue may occur quite differently in each.

To move beyond karmic relating, it is very important to be able to stabilize your own energy field. To the extent that this becomes possible, you are no longer easily drawn into the interactive energy pattern and can operate independently according to your own positive Divine intention.

Stabilizing of one's energy field is a function of stabilizing light within oneself and stabilizing one's relationship with the Divine. To the extent that you wish to move things to a place of healing in your relationship life, freeing yourself from karmic patterns, it is important to take responsibility for this aspect of being. The Practice of Alignment can help with this, as can other forms of attunement to the higher vibrations of light. Blessings.

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  1. Years ago, much earlier in the process of growth on the spiritual path, I realized that I had to notice when I was starting to have an uncomfortable emotional response and then I had to stop the response. Mostly, my strategy was to hang on and not respond to the person who was triggering the "bad" feelings in me. I just had to allow the other person to "have the last word."

    Is this what You mean by "stabilizing one's field of energy?"

  2. Dear One,

    "Stabilizing one's energy field' is a physical/energetic practice that takes place in the body and in the auric envelope that maintains light energy of a particular potency and quality no matter what the surroundings. This is something you can feel when it is present and can begin to sense when it is absent. It is furthered by any regular spiritual practice that attunes you to the higher vibrations of light, and also by allowing conscious breathing to be part of your daily routine.

    What you were doing appears to be an intuitive spiritual practice having to do with the 'will'. It is a way of disengaging from emotions but it is not likely to be as stable as maintaining your own sense of identity through alignment. However, it may be important to your development, nonetheless. Blessings.


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