Monday, November 2, 2009

The Language of Love

There are some people who do well with personal love - intimate one-to-one relationships, and there are others, especially at this time in the unfolding of our collective awareness, who do well with universal love in the abstract, but not so well with the personal.

In reality, the two are eternally connected, both requiring the freeing of the self from whatever obstacles exist to the presence of love and its expression. Many spiritually dedicated people have a desire to enlarge their capacity to love and to love all in the oneness of what is, but the heart's capacity to love begins with one - it begins with taking down the barriers of fear that exist due to inner misrepresentations of what love or intimacy is truly like. Many are afraid to take down these barriers, and here is where the largest growth can take place - in your own willingness to love more where you are, as you are. The love for the Oneness that all of life belongs to will grow out of the heart's capacity to love well, to love freely, and to give itself in full surrender to the experience of loving, no matter whom it is with and no matter what the circumstances.

The universal and the personal are forever intertwined, and one cannot leap over personal difficulties in order to arrive at the larger view. In the intimate details of everything lies the goal itself. Blessings.

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