Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spiritual Anchoring

  Mandala of the Inner Life

From: Beginning a Spiritual Practice,

It is hard to be fully present with oneself or with others when one is, at the same time, avoiding feelings of pain. Often, the heart shuts down so as to not feel at all, when anticipated feeling threatens to create a tidal wave that one fears will innundate.

At a time of heightened intensity everywhere, one must anchor in heightened love that resides in the core of the self. No one is without this resource. There is only greater or lesser difficulty in experiencing it. The importance of spiritual anchoring at this time is that it teached that emotions are not the bottom line of one's identity. That emotions are real, but that there is something even more real that can be discovered. This enduring core of truth remains, no matter what the emotional self may be feeling.

This, beloveds, is the profound turning point in human consciousness that we are at today, namely, the awareness that emotions are not who we are but only a layer of who we are, and that there is something of God to be turned to within each one that can stabilize, uplift, inform, and create the means for dealing with whatever challenges life presents.

May it be so for all. Amen.


  1. May it be so for all dearest Julie. Thank you for this.


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