Thursday, August 13, 2009

Understanding Others

Understanding others does not depend upon having had an identical experience to what another is feeling, nor does it depend upon a course of study that develops conceptual knowledge, though each of these can contribute to understanding.

More than anything else, understanding others comes from living in a clear space where one's own needs, fears, and concerns no longer obscure truth. For the reality of what is shines with a light of its own when it is not covered over by darkness. Then, the truth of another can emerge clearly, be seen, felt, and appreciated.

It is in this way that peace in the world can be born - not through each seeking their own advantage and finding a fragile compromise that may or may not work for a time, but by each developing the capacity to come together in a clear space, in trust, and in the willingness to pursue truth.

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  1. Beloved Julie -

    How I look forward to, and long for, a reality "not covered by darkness"... To understand others and my-self without my perceptions being covered - I can't imagine this reality and yet my heart longs for it.

    Thank you for your recent postings on relationships with self and others and for your teachings which are divinely timed and soul inspiring.


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