Sunday, May 17, 2009

Speaking to Trees

I walked behind the house this morning, trying to see what trees were overshading the yard, and what might be removed without harm in order to let more sunlight penetrate. This is always a delicate matter, since trees are living beings, and one must have their understanding and permission in order to remove them for any purpose, even a good one.

I placed my hand on the tree whose canopy was overshading the yard, and put my forehead against its trunk. I asked what it thought and how it felt about my removing it in order to make more space and light.

The tree spirit answered:

"You don't have to feel guilty about this, beloved One. We are all connected through the root system, and the life-force that rises through this expression will rise again through a different expression elsewhere. You are not harming life by removing this one manifestation. This one is connected to all others and will manifest its life-force elsewhere. Do what you feel is needed, beloved One, and thank you for being so respectful in your asking."

I am still not certain about moving ahead with this removal plan. However, the promise of renewal of life gives permission and grace to whatever decision shall be made.

For those who wish to speak to trees, an open mind and an open heart are the keys. As both heart and mind learn to tune to the Oneness, communication in different forms can take place.

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  1. I'm so glad to see this posting. I have communicated with trees since I was a child and never had the courage to tell anyone. I find them to be very wise and "lofty". This tree gave you a beautiful message. Thank you.

  2. A book of African wisdom called "Of Water and Spirit" tells us that trees look completely different to African elders than they do to the average Western person, and the "Seth Material" adds that a tree looks completely different to a cat or other animal than it does to the average Western person. There is so much more to reality than what we can perceive with our five senses.

    Dr. Deb
    Interfaith Spirituality

  3. Thank you for this posting; I am myself experiencing a new reality as my intuition becomes more perceptive and I become more in tune with my higher self, I just had a most profound experience as I took a walk and could literally sense the energy of the trees. It was as if I was seeing them as I had never seen them before; I could sense their energy and sensed that they were communicating with me. I did a google-search to see what I could find on this, and very much appreciate this blog. Thank you

  4. I used to talk to trees in primary school. I felt lonely and there was no one to talk to. Though I'm not sure if I made up the replies, I did feel better after talking. Maybe it means something.

  5. Dear One,
    It is possible to receive messages from trees in words which enter the inner consciousness, and it is also possible to feel comfort through the heart that receives the tree's love. Many trees are 'elders' and convey a sense of nurturing to the human beings they interact with. That is their spirit's intention and is precious for those who can be aware of it. May your own experience expand and grow. With love, JR

  6. Yesterday, I arose at 3am and and sat on a patch of grass about 3'x6' wide (the only grass in sight). I sat on my pink yoga mat and just sat...eventually I orayed. After time, I looked up and noticed a 30' tree I had never seen before, in front of me. I had never seen its species with whit fluffy flowers. And for some reason I said hi. It was regarding me! And we interacted! I wasn't sure if I was making it up so I reached out my hand and reqiested it to do so too. Its lowest branch swayed and turned toward my hand. Curious, I stood and walked the 10' and brought my hand 4" from its lowest branch. The branch was youthful but not the youngest. I asked if it could touch me. To show me this was happeninning. The branch turned three inches toward me...and I closed the gap. What a crazy, neat gift! I went and mentioned this to my boss of 2 months, who nodded in complete understanding. I am 35 years old and feel like a child discovering water puddles!

  7. Oops, meant "prayed", not "crayed" :-) I am grateful for this post.
    Los gatos, ca

  8. I can only say: Waou! Thank you to reconnect me with so much light and wisdom

  9. I have also communicated with trees since I can remember, however for me it is more like a musical communication than anything else. I never hear the trees speak in words the way you described, but I can feel their mood and their thoughts, if that's what you call it, by just connecting myself with a kind of spiritual bond in the tree. They each have their own special music, and although it has no words it is poignant and striking. I don't know if this is normal, but I always sing back to the trees in my mind as a means of communication. Please tell me what this is, if you know!!! I would really like to know what to call it, since it is one of my greatest joys in life.

  10. Ones I was employed by Associated newspapers ( News paper Company Sri lanka) as their project engineer at Anuradhapura (The ancient holy city) for the construction of a building. There, I had plenty of time to visit various shrines including the holy Bo tree.

    So I chosen my time to visit these places when these shines are least populated. Once I went near the Bo tree I heard someone was talking with pain that he had being imprisoned by steel cages, and looking for relief. I heard the voice, that he is asking me to come near to him. I thought this could be a punishment given by the disciplinary council of Buddhist priest to one of disobedient priest, by imprisoning behind the Holy Bo tree. (Usually such thinks are not done, by the Buddhist council to their members). So I promised the voice, that I will rescue him and searching him I went around the Bo tree. But there was nobody. I said there is no body I can see. The voice is again telling me to come near the tree. I tried to go closer to the Bo tree, and found it was protected from all sides. I told the Holy tree that it is not possible to come closer to it. Then the Bo tree said there are others like him(the Bo tree) same, around him and to go under one of them. So I tried that also. These trees also protected around with various worshipping items. And I found other Bo trees near vicinity and spent some time under them.
    On a later day I informed the in charge Buddhist priest what I experienced when I come near this tree and told him that the Holy Bo tree doesn’t like protective fences this way.

  11. Hi,

    The article is very tree friendly..........i just have a feeling that trees may respond to human feelings........... its just a feeling nothing practical about it.........



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