Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How to See With Inner Eyes

Outer eyes and ears register vibration in terms of color, sound, movement, and touch.

Inner eyes and ears register vibration in terms of emotion, motivation, meaning, and higher purpose or identity.

To see with inner eyes and to hear with inner ears is to feel, in each moment, the inner being of another that is trying to express. It is to see with the eyes of love beyond limitation, distortion, like, dislike, or any other characteristic one might think of as less attractive, to the pure essence of the soul. This soul is expressing on the physical plane at all times.

Such an expression can be a radiant outpouring or it can be a small trickle. Often, it can be perceived as an energy - the life-force of this uniquely created being who is manifesting with the fullest measure of integrity and beauty they are capable of. This inner being can be seen through the outer.

Its worth is immeasurable, for it is part of the Divine One.

Its goal is the freedom to be, and it is achieving that goal to the best of its ability at every moment.

Its path is beauty, not because it does not, on an outer level, carry limitation or distortion, but because its inner being is pure and is striving for beauty in all things.

To see with inner eyes and to hear with inner ears is to know the ascending movement of an individual consciousness. Such a consciousness may rise out of a darkened past, but is always seeking the light of day.

Even criminals carry this desire within themselves. Even those who, in their misguided attempts to set themselves free, have interrupted the life and freedom of others. Just because one has given up or become disillusioned with certain things, does not mean that the deeper part of the self is not still seeking them.

Life-force and the desire to exist as oneself are two aspects of the same thing. Each being has an intrinsic desire to come into being, to manifest itself. This is why souls have undertaken the Earth journey in the first place. Their goal, to manifest themselves within time and space.

All of this is words, however, if one cannot forgive limitation and see with the eyes of love. Until that time, the outer will seem more important than the inner, and the darkened aspects of personal expression more important than the light within.

Orienting toward the beauty of the soul, however, is like watching a newborn awakening to itself. It is the same with all beings. Every single consciousness is awakening to itself and is, in effect, being born in each moment.

May it be so. Amen.

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