Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Response to Life

Life flows to us, through us, and around us in an endless stream, and all of it is sacred. All of it is holy. Thus, it asks from us reverence and appreciation for what is, calling forth from us the highest and best possible response at all times, calling forth our gratitude.

How can we offer this 'best possible response'?

First, to know that we are being asked to respond to life in an interaction that takes place moment to moment. This is the dance of awareness that permits grace to enter the physical.

Second, to know that our response is shaped by deep forces within us - sometimes leading to action, sometimes leading to waiting; sometimes leading to consent to what others suggest; sometimes leading to standing alone.

There is no program written for our response to life. We write the program with each action we take, each belief we hold, each thought that we think. We can re-write the program by making different choices.

Most importantly, we need to take nothing for granted. Life that comes from God and contains the Divine within itself asks no less than a full and complete measure of awareness of its presence.

Today, choose consciously to respond where you may not have before. Notice. Be aware. Everything around you is significant. Everything in you is holy.

You are a holy being bringing your inner life to the outer so that all that is truly One can know itself as One.


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