Monday, January 26, 2009

The Illusion of the Ordinary

We see with our eyes but often do not see with our hearts. What lives around us is often covered by the veil of habit and custom, preventing the authentic soul of Life and of each individual life from being revealed to us.

The heart must awaken to love or at least to the desire to love in order to penetrate the illusion of the ‘ordinary’. It must desire to see past what is habitual and familiar to the very essence of life that manifests through every person, every event, every circumstance that we encounter.

Sometimes vision awakens because love brings its own knowing of the soul of others to us. Falling in love does this in a singular and powerful way. And yet we must fall in love with the world, with God’s world, so that our hearts can love deeply enough to see past the barriers that have governed our observation, and so that we can forgive what cannot yet peep out from behind its own coverings. Indeed, this incipient seed of awareness is waiting for the right time to germinate within the human family, and the stirrings take place even now.

We must therefore not be dissuaded by the coverings that conceal, but rather wait in patience and in peace.

Love and judgment cannot go together. One excludes the other. To awaken to the Divine in the ordinary we must be free of judgment, free of personalizing responses to us that we ‘do not like’ so that we may see past the ‘doing’ to the soul of the doer.

All true vision takes us to this understanding of the soul-essence of Life and of others.

All true vision liberates us from the illusion of the ‘ordinary’. When it is time, we can allow ourselves to begin to notice things with our hearts, letting the ego slip by and loosen its grip, letting our own soul reach our conscious awareness so that we can see what is really there.

To see what is really there - this is the gift of consciousness to each being - to know that the physical and the spiritual are not separate, but that one flows into the other as God’s eternal Breath breathing Life into life.


  1. This beautiful journal has arrived at a time that is personally meaningful for me. I feel the Breath of God in what you write, and hope that in rereading the entries and in sitting with the vibration that emanates from the words, that more will become possible for me. I have been unemployed for a while now. In the arduous process of looking for work I find myself getting lost in ordinary perceptions of my life circumstances, fueled by doubt and fear. Thank you, Julie, for this sacred offering which gives me hope and support for another way to be at this moment in my life.

  2. Dear Julie,
    This writing and the page is stunningly beautiful, in depth and simplicity, and in its extension into all things in life and in God. Like the rose on the beginning page - so pure and containing all - complete within itself, a facet of the whole, that is and that embodies the whole. Grateful I am for this beginning, and for all that is to come.
    With love, Robert

  3. I think what you are talking about here is what Betty Ruth Krueger will be sharing about, too, when I interview her on January 29th on the topic "The challenge, and the romance, of inner awakening". She is the author of a new book "The Inner Game of Russian Roulette - A Romance of the Soul, by Ananda Mouse".

    Feel free to tune in (or listen to the recording if you read this message after the live virtual book tour teleconference). And please ask Ananda Mouse a question , too.


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