Friday, December 4, 2009

Interacting With Others as Souls

The world is still greatly in need of healing, and one of the areas in which this is evident is the way in which work often dehumanizes people, casting them into narrow roles where they are compelled to separate themselves from their heart.

The next time you are involved in a difficult conversation with someone in a role - a salesperson, customer service representative, technical support person, consider this: each is a soul, and every person, if they really could choose, would choose to live with their hearts intact and not separate themselves from what is most important. Our current view of work and of relationships in general creates this separation. It is important to try, therefore, to get past this obstacle and to wish for others what they would wish for themselves - the possibility of living and working as a whole being with a whole heart.

In interacting with others, even when they are identified with their roles, see if you can still remain in your own heart. The practice of compassion will take you out of whatever role you are in and center you in a wider sphere of truth.

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  1. How can one interact with a soul that is evil. I have informed different people and organizations about the next door neighbor. I firmly believe he has an evil soul. He tries everything in his power every day to vex me. This is a supposely grown man with children, even though he's young and I'm in my 50's. I have come to the conclusion that he knows I love the Lord and this drastically angers him. It is as though he hates me for existing. There was a time when I had a close relationship with the Lord, and I think this man knows that and that's why he tries to keep my mind on his antics toward me so I won't concentrate on the Lord.


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