Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Bottom Line

When you judge another person consider this, what you see that you place a judgment upon is not the 'bottom line'. Beneath that behavior that causes anger, distress, or disapproval lies another layer of feeling and motivation that causes that behavior - generally a layer of self-protection. And beneath that under-layer lies still another layer of pure beingness that exists without separation from the Divine. The acting self may not feel this under-layer, but the eye of the soul can see it.

The bottom line is beingness. It is the soul or higher self of each one that does not operate on the Earth plane but that remains poised in the timeless yet connected with the whole. No matter who you are looking at, you are seeing but an extension within form of their higher self manifested in three dimensions. This is the bottom line - the Divine Presence that is the original purity of each created being.


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