Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dolphins: The Dance of Life


Some people think that dolphins are extraterrestrials from star systems more advanced than our own.

Some think that they are cosmic beings having taken on physical form to become teachers and helpers for mankind.

Some think that they possess a fifth-dimensional consciousness, a consciousness that humanity is just beginning to move into - a consciousness of love and of oneness.

Many who have worked with dolphins know that their language is extensive and their intelligence high. They seem to have an innate wisdom and can function as teachers for humanity as well as students of what human beings wish to teach them.

Whatever they are, dolphins are among the Earth's most beautiful and graceful creatures, and when one watches them in motion, it is possible to feel and imagine their relationships with each other as possessing that same beauty and grace.

Human beings have much to learn from every life form and every aspect of life. Whether we perceive the consciousness of another directly or not, we are surrounded by the mystery of the sacred which infuses all that lives, and gives to each life-form its own special beauty and wisdom. This is no less true of the creatures of the earth and sea than it is of the great beings of light who populate the spiritual universe.

From dolphins we may learn about harmony, spontaneity, beauty, and relationship. As we move into a greater experience of unity, all of life will begin speaking to us and revealing its wisdom, and we will see, feel, and sense the holy design of the One Consciousness that has become all-that-is.

May it be so.


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